Fun facts and tidbits about us and our development progress


One of the many threats Brynhild has to tackle with her magic on the Island of winds are the skuggabaldur creatures, or shadow cats. Have you heard the Icelandic folktale of the skuggabaldur and the cat at...

Technology Development Fund

Parity Creative house is a very happy house! We  have received a grant from the Icelandic Technology Fund for the next couple of years. We all feel humble and thankful for this recognition our project has received and we look forward to continuing our magical journey...


Island of winds gives a voice to a lot of strong female characters. Hrymja is one of them, the chief of the Balance keeper clan to which our hero Brynhild belongs to.

Balance Keeper Clan

We want the story to be a very big part of Island of Winds. We want to offer our players the opportunity to immerse themselves in it, when the time comes! Brynhild is one of the balance keeper clan, ordinary folk living their daily lives. Until now they lived in...

Elven lady Vör

The concept of Island of Winds is inspired by Icelandic nature, culture and folklore. The concepts of clothing are no exception and have much reference to the Icelandic national dress. This is the majestic elven lady Vör of the Oasis. The Icelandic word for elves is...


What is an epic hero without a sidekick? Móri is Brynhild's woolly and sometimes annoying, saddle bag wearing, sidekick. He is a ram of the Island of wind sheep breed. He can be good for advice, on occasion, but he is mostly an indecisive and codependent follower. Is...

The Parity name

Ever wonder about our studio name "Parity" and from where it is derived?

Island Of Winds logo

We really love our Island of winds logo, created by our team member Guðrún, a brilliant graphic designer and animator. Blue is the colour of Iceland. Instead of trees blocking the horizon we are used to see the sky and the ocean all around us. Our national flag has...


Trolls are a varied bunch of creatures. They can be the most caring and kind of creature but some can be extremely hazardous. You will be able to learn more about them in Island of winds.




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