While creating the world of Island of winds we have faced many challenges. One of them is producing periodically correct environmental assets in the game from 17th and 18th century Iceland. Many of the items from that time were very unique and have to be reproduced with accuracy. 

One way to do that is to create 3D assets from the ground but we opted to experiment with using the fantastic new technology of photogrammetry and are well on our way to acquiring the assets we need and with perfect detail. 

This would not be possible without our amazing and well curated historical museums here in Iceland and we are so fortunate that one of them happens to be founded by the grandfather of one of our artists here at Parity. We are also in cooperation with the National Museum of Iceland.  

Garðar, Museum in the town of Akranes

What we do is set up our equipment on location and use photogrammetry to capture the items with excellent detail.

We believe by doing this we not only fast-track our asset production but also give each item a real history and new life in our game, bringing the past back into the future.




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