Creating creatures and characters

Creating creatures and characters

You know the old cliche “It’s a lot of work making a game”, well it really is true. There is a long way from a story written on a piece of paper and sketches of characters in a notebook towards a ready to play game and almost an endless number of tasks to finish. One of them is creating characters and creatures, just like this magnificent creature we call Húmabryðja. Is she a woman or a spider? It is one of the many mysteries on the Island of winds.

Character creation is often the most fun task to tackle for our artists. Our approach to character creation is a typical one in game development. The process starts with our concept artist designing the look of the character needed, based on the game’s story, the characters own backstory and also its function in the game. Then our 3D artist takes over and reproduces the concept in a 3D model, using various tools and pipelines to do so. We are not done there because the character has to be rigged, with bones and muscles and then animated with movements before it can enter the game.  

One of the most wonderful things about game development is that to do this we need all kinds of magicians, writers, programmers, visual artists, technical artists, animators, musicians…even sometimes historians! We love creating magical characters and creatures and we just love game development! 




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