We really love our Island of winds logo, created by our team member Guðrún, a brilliant graphic designer and animator.

Blue is the colour of Iceland. Instead of trees blocking the horizon we are used to see the sky and the ocean all around us. Our national flag has its blue from there and therefore blue was the obvious colour for the logo of Island of winds.

The shape is drawn from Brynhild’s head wear which is derived from the Icelandic national costume and what women wore daily in Iceland until the 20th century. Wishing to connect the hat with the wind and to the female form, the spiral was an obvious choice.

The logo is seen in a way as an island of winds, sitting on top of the ocean like a hat sits on top of a head.

Many people see a swan form in the logo, that was not part of the plan and now seen as a good thing, a lucky coincidence. Brynhild’s journey is after all in a way similar to the journey of the ugly duckling, both come out as a swan in the end, in their own way.